Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mini Camp

Mini Camp - the party before the party!

Every year cLife takes it's 2nd and 3rd graders to mini camp to expose them to the camp experience.  It's just shy of 24 hours but it is packed with fun. Last year I was supposed to but the kiddo I was going to help got sick so I stayed home.  This year, B-man was able to go.

B was excited from the get go.  On Wednesday morning he told Zac that he and I would be back on Sunday.  Zac asked, "from where?" and B told him Mini Camp.  I explained that Mini Camp was Friday.  He was bummed that we weren't leaving Wednesday but still excited.

I was nervous about B-man in a cabin given his erratic sleeping schedule and his propensity to wander.  I talked it over with Laci, our campus children's minister, and because cLife walks the walk of including kids with disabilities, she got B and I a room at the 'motel' at camp.  That way I could sleep in the same room with him. This turned out to be the exact right thing to do.  The room had bunks and B was excited to get to sleep in a bunk - for about 5 minutes.  Then he was in bed with me.  He also woke up at 6 am and needed bathroom help, if you catch my drift.

B did really well at Mini Camp.  He participated in most everything with very little assistance.  He made s'mores.  He played Nerf war.  He participated in his small group discussions.  He was attentive during large group.  He praised - singing and doing the motions.

I tried to leave him alone as much as possible.  I didn't want to hover.  I wanted him to have a 'normal' Mini Camp experience.  And I think he did! I know he learned a lot.  In the last small group session he said that he learned that "Jesus paid for our horrible sins and replaced them with good things."  I, of course, cried.

I was reminded at Mini Camp that kids pay attention even when you think they aren't.  During the last large group session, Will talked to the kids about truth.  He told them that the Bible is true no matter what someone's opinion about the Bible is.  He encouraged them to read their Bible.  B was sitting at a table in the back, drawing.  When Will talked to them about reading their Bible, B shouts out, with his hand raised (God bless his teachers, this is probably what he does in school), "But I don't have a Bible."  There are no less that 25 Bibles in our house but because one has not been presented directly to him, he doesn't think he has one.

B had a sweet friend that was at camp with him.  They get along very well and enjoyed collecting pine cones and acorns while their group was on a scavenger hunt.  I think B's favorite people at Mini Camp were the volunteers.  He really does love being around adults. I am so thankful that the adults at cLife are so loving towards him.

I asked B what his favorite part of Mini Camp was:
"When Jesus took our horrible sins and replaced them with good things.  And the nerf war."

As a mom and a special needs minister, I couldn't ask for more!

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