Thursday, November 24, 2016


Yesterday I made 8 pies.  It's my favorite part of Thanksgiving, making pies.  I'm kinda selfish about it, I don't let anyone help. Everyone is welcome to hang out in the kitchen with me while I make them but I do all the work. It's kinda my thing.  

I make pecan, pumpkin and buttermilk pies.  This year I made 4 pecan, 2 pumpkin and 2 buttermilk.  I take 1 of each to Thanksgiving dinner and 1 of each stays home with us.  This year I had 2 extra pie crusts so I decided to make extra pecan pies to give to our neighbors. I think I'll make that at tradition.  I enjoyed delivering the pies and surprising our friends.

My pies are not special.  They are standard recipes printing off the internet.  Pecan Pie from Karo Syrup.  Pumpkin Pie by Libby's. Buttermilk Pie II from All Recipes.  I change up the pecan pie a bit.  I put chopped pecans in the batter.  I lay out pecan halves in the bottom of the pie crust (also garden variety frozen pie crusts) then pour the batter over them. They float to the top and I end up with a super pecan-y pie.  So yummy!

I didn't start making pumpkin pies until 2 or 3 years ago.  The boys didn't want it until they tried pumpkin pie at their school's Thanksgiving Feast.  Of course, I couldn't convince them to eat pumpkin pie but peer pressure did. ;) One of my nephews
particularly loves pumpkin pie so I make it for him as well.

I'm not sure of the origin of the buttermilk pie. I think my momma made it once and I fell in love with it.  Some people call it chess pie.  It's so creamy and yummy.  My father in law loves it too.

I'm not the world's best pie maker.  I don't make crust from scratch.  But I love doing it.  And I do it with love.  My boys are getting big before my very eyes.  I hope that one day they say, "It's not Thanksgiving without Momma's pies."  I imagine handwriting the recipes for my future daughter in laws to carry on the tradition.  Telling them these are favorite family recipes.  I may or may not tell them the recipes are easily accessed from the internet...

What Thanksgiving traditions are important to you and your family?

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