Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Daddy

My Daddy died 17 years ago today.  That's a really long time, y'all.  Yet, here we are on February 1st and I'm laid bare again.  I feel like he's just died.  He can't possibly have missed all this.

I can not imagine how much my Daddy would have loved these boys.  I have a little idea because I got to see how much he loved my neices and nephews.  His face lit up when he saw them.  He was eat up. Just look at how he's looking at my neice in this picture! She's 'preaching'. She walked up and down that table without a shirt on giving us the what for.  I can't remember anything she said but it was hillarious.  Daddy thought it was too.

I can only imagine how he'd love watching Sam and Zac play football, basketball and baseball.  He would have been at every game! He was generally a quite man so I can't image that he'd be yelling a lot during the game but he would have loved it.

My Daddy was a master crepe maker.  Bet you didn't know that about him!  He had a crepe maker and he was good at it.  Momma would make the filling and topping and Daddy would make the crepes.  Yumm-o! He would have loved to teach Zac to make crepes.

And the B-man, he would have gotten such a kick out of the B-man!  Daddy would have been so patient with him.  He would have watched all B's videos.  I'm guessing he would have patiently driven B to all the Poke-stops he wanted.

I hope he would be proud of who I am today.  I hope he would think I'm a good momma.

I miss him. I miss getting pulled in to a big hug. He was so big that he could cover me completely with a hug.  There was nothing like it.  I miss it.

But he's here.  He's in these boys.  I see his gentleness and his smile in them.  And I am thankful.

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