Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We have worms.  They've been busy composting up a storm.  Now we need plants.  B and Cool Ronnie went to Lowe's in early January to get the lay of the land.  I think the original plan was to just check on what they would need later for the garden box.  They came back with a seed starter and a bunch of seeds.

What B really wants to grow is vegetables.  He and Cool Ronnie came home with a huge variety of vegetable seeds.  Some were right up our alley - corn, spinach and carrots.  A couple were not so much us - beets and peppers.  But it's what B wanted to plant so off we went.

The seed starter kit was super cool.  You water these little discs and they grow.  After they grow you realize they have a little netting around them.  To plant the seeds, you hollow out a hole, drop in the seed then cover the seed with dirt.

B was not on board with making the hole.  I had to do that party.  He dropped in the seeds.  We're a good team.

After all the seeds are sown, you put the lid on the kit.  The lid works like a greenhouse.  It's pretty cool to watch.

The seed sprouted so quickly.  We had to keep trying to figure out how to keep the lid on.  We used toilet paper rolls to prop up the lid.  The seeds were growing out of control.  We finally ditched the lid.

After about a month we ran into a problem.  The sprouts started to bend.  They looked a little sad.  One day I noticed some white fuzz on one of the sprouts.  I think they were molding.  I knew for sure they were dying.  I think we tried to sprout them too soon.  We eventually threw them out.

We have another kit.  We're going to try it again.  But we are going to wait until mid-March.  This time we'll sprout them for 2 weeks then get them in the ground.  In the ground you say?  Where will they go? Come back tomorrow to find out.


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