Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Overcoming Stage Fright

Last Thursday, B had a choir program at school.  The entire 2nd grade was putting on a patriot program.   The music teachers had the awesome idea to let the kids introduce veterans in their family.  Not only was B going to sing with his classmates, he was also set to introduce his Cool Ronnie who served our country in the Army.

As far as we knew, everything was going according to plan.

Then last Wednesday, B had a rough day at school.  That evening he asked me to take him out of the program.  He told me he was scared and he "just could not do it!"  He was worried that he couldn't keep up with the plate dance.  I had no idea what this meant, but I assured him he'd be fine.  He wasn't buying it.  We talked about it some but he wasn't budging.  I reminded him that he was going to get to introduce Cool Ronnie.  This bought me some time.

Thursday afternoon, he was back to his not going plan.  But it wasn't wholehearted.  He got dressed.  He told me how nervous he was.  We said some prayers.  He had the great idea to bring his stress ball that a buddy had given him.

We got to the program, he picked up his flag and plates. But his paper he was going to read to introduce Ronnie was missing.  My nerves were a bit frayed. Thankfully, his teacher swooped in with a piece of paper, rewrote the intro and saved the day.

The program started and my boy shined! He got to come to the front to play the finger cymbals for one song.  He really made the most of it! His teacher sent me this photo.  Pure joy! And, of course, he added his own little flair to the cymbals! His stage fright was put to rest.

When it was time to introduce Cool Ronnie, he patiently waited his turn in line.  Then he did a great job of reading his paper.  I was so proud of him. I may have cried.

After the program, B was so proud of himself. He knew he had overcome his anxiety and worry and he was so proud of himself.  And I was bursting with pride as well!

We've been on this autism journey for a few years now.  But God never ceases to amaze me.  He gives my boy the strength he needs.  He shows us and others how to help B.  God is amazing!  I'm so thankful for His guidance and provision on this journey.

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