Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Garden Box

Sunday was a big day for B-man!  The realization of a dream! He and Cool Ronnie were going to build the garden box! After church they went to Lowe's to get their supplies.

We have a little fenced in area on the side of our yard that, I think, is supposed to be a dog run.  We decided it will be B's garden location.  By the time I got home, Cool Ronnie was hard at work, B, not so much! Ronnie is building, B is messing around with his gardening tools.

After the box was built, they dumped and spread dirt the special raised garden dirt.  I don't know what makes it special but I'll take their word for it.

Then came our first big moment - re-homing the worms!  Every time I deal with the worms, I start out afraid that they're all dead in the box.  Sunday was no different.  Thankfully, they were alive and kicking (or squirming).  We dumped the entire worm farm into the garden.  We then covered them with a few more bags of special raised garden dirt.

The sweetest moment of the day was when B gave Cool Ronnie the Valentine he made in Spanish.  It's so hard to decifer B's handwriting and Spanish adds another level to that difficulty.  But the Valentine was so sweet.

For me, the real deal of this entire adventure (which is not over yet, we have to plant the veggies) is the reminder that Ryan and I are not alone.  We have a wonderful family that comes alongside us not only with B but with Sam and Zac as well.  It's heartwarming to see how much someone else loves your kiddo.

Aunt Laura and Cool Ronnie not only listened to B tell them about sustainable gardening, they helped him make a plan.  Then they made that plan happen.  I have no idea if we'll be able to grow veggies this Spring.  I do know that B has learned a lot so far.  Not the least of which is how loved he is!

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