Tuesday, June 6, 2017

B-man, how does your garden grow?

Actually, he has no idea.  He's developed a debilitating fear of bees and wasps so he wouldn't go out there.  I've decided not to push him for now.  I check on the garden and take pictures to show him.  He's happy.  Sometimes I facetime the garden with my momma because I have no idea what it should look like.  I'm not that outdoorsy either.

Our garden adventure started with a worm farm in December.  It progressed to seeds and seedlings.  These perished because we started them too soon.  So they didn't actually get planted.  Next came the building of the garden box - pre-wasp/bee fear.  B and my momma planted seeds in March (I can't believe I didn't blog that one).

Here's the garden now.  It looks a little overgrown but momma assures me it's fine.  I didn't know that pumpkins grow on vines.  Those vines are taking over.  I've had to pull them off the A/C units nearby but the good news is that they stayed off and grew in another direction.

 I can't remember what all we've planted because I've slept since then.  We did put little markers in the ground but we put them in the back and now things are growing over them. We're learning stuff all over the place!

Here's what's growing.


We've also harvested some onions.  And by harvested I mean they were almost completely out of the ground so I pulled them and brought them inside.  

There you have it! We've grown onions and we may have a pumpkin, a cob of corn and 2 tomatoes if we don't mess it up.  I'll keep you updated!


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