Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back in the Saddle

For the past two days I've attended the Revolutionizing Learning Conference.  The RL conference is a partnership between TCEA (Texas Computer Educators Association), CSTA (Community Schools Transformation Alliance) and several local districts.  I hadn't been able to attend the past 2 years due to other commitments and it was nice to be back!

I loved learning from other educators! I was able to meet some librarians and get some tips and tricks. The keynote presentations each day were great.  I was so glad to finally get to see my friend Greg Garner keynote on day 2.  Super impressive! What I really loved it getting to see some people I haven't seen in a while! I was able to sit and talk to people instead of just passing in the hall and waving hello.  It was so relaxed.

I was also able to present on the first day of the RL Conference (also my birthday ;).  I really like getting to teach teachers!  I taught a session on Design Thinking.  Here's a link to my education blog if you'd like more info.  I was relived to see so many of my Sunnyvale friends in my session.  Sometimes it's no bueno when your friends are in your session.  But my friends rock! They participated and encouraged me.  I think they even learned a thing or two!

Two or three years ago I was doing a lot of presenting at educational technology conferences.  I've pulled back as I tried to sharpen my focus and figure out what I was doing.  I realized yesterday how much I've missing connecting and sharing with other educators.  I don't know that I'll really start focusing on presenting more.  It used to be my primary goal. I wanted to present at as many places as possible.  I'm don't know that that's what's best for my family.  But I will try to share and present more.  I really love it.

I appreciate the hard work of all those involved in organizing the RL Conference.  It was really well done.  First class all the way! Thank you for the opportunity to get back in the saddle!

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