Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chocolate Things

Last week, I got this text message from my neighbor and friend Lori.  Actually, it went to our friend's group message.

I'm not sure how this whole thing got started but it was well under way.  Saturday morning B woke me up at 7:45 am, "Momma, let's go to the grocery store".  I made him wait until 8 am but then off we went.  

We got everything on his original list plus caramel.  The store didn't have candy molds so I talked him into cupcake liners.  He chose everything himself and even scanned everything to check out.  

Once at home, I took care of melting the chocolate and writing the flavor on the bottom of the cupcake liners.  B scooped chocolate and filling into each liner.  We had to work on the scoop.  I didn't realize what a fine motor skill that was!  He struggled with how to hold it (just as he does scissors) and tended to move too quickly from the melted chocolate to the liners.  We ended up with a mess on the island but I let him work and cleaned up later.  I wanted to give him a chance to work it out.  

The hardest part for B was waiting for the batches to cool/harden in the fridge before he could start another batch.  I used the time to clean but he watched YouTube and checked his creations.  He hung in there until the last batch, the marshmallows.  After I melted the chocolate and he began scooping, he asked if I could finish them.  I was surprised he lasted as long as he did given how much down time there was.  

He had 3 families he wanted to give chocolates to.  I found some baggies he could use for packaging.  He decided to name his creations Chocolate Things.  He made logos and taped them to each of the bags.  He's ready for delivery! 

I went next door with him to deliver to Lori and her family. It was so cute to hear him tell them about the four flavors.  Lori cut them into pieces.  Here's the caramel one.  

B received rave reviews from everyone who tried his Chocolate Things.  They were pretty good!  I am super proud that he came up with the idea, planned his grocery list, shopped, created (almost everything) and delivered everything.  All with a bunch of down time in between.  That's huge for him!

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