Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Balloon Creations

YouTube strikes again!  Out of no where last week, B asked me to get balloons "so I can make balloon creations".  What?  "You know like balloon animals."

I happen to find a little kit at the grocery store.  It had balloons, a pump and a little instruction book.  Of course, the book was not necessary because B had YouTube.  

His first attempts were frustrating.  He couldn't pump up the balloon.  I became the official pumper and tie-er.  The frustration continued when he tried to make his first animal.  I was sure this would not last long.  But, low and behold, B created a heart - his first balloon creation. 

Then we went to my sister in law's house and B took his balloons. He and my niece figured it out and they were balloon creation creating fools!  They were pumping them out fast!  I was helping my sister in law get ready to open her new boutique.  B decided that the boutique needed balloon creations.  No buddy, that's not the kind of thing the boutique is going to sell. 

Wednesday morning, on her way to set up her boutique's booth, my sister in law called with a business proposal for B.  She would take 5 balloon creations to sell in the booth.  If those sold, next month she would take 10.  She told B to make 5 of the best creations that he knew how to make, price them, tag them and send them with me Thursday morning for the boutique's grand opening.  He was so excited and readily agreed!

The day was full of ups and downs.  B had not heard "best creations that you know how to make"  he had heard "best creations".  He took to YouTube to try to learn to make some super deluxe balloon creations.  He grew more and more frustrated.  "Call Aunt Laura and tell her I can't do it."  

Here's where the rubber meets the road.  I could have given in.  I could have texted Laura.  But instead, I ignored him for a while.  Then I tried to talk to him about the difference between the best and the best he knew how to make.  He'd rally and begin working again.  Then become frustrated and want to quit again.  Finally, I told him "You made this deal with Aunt Laura.  If you can't keep your word, you'll have to call her and tell her yourself."  This is not something he was willing to do so he pressed on.  

In the end, he made a couple of new creations and sent some creations he and my niece had already made.  We put price tags on them and sent them to Aunt Laura.  

True to her word, she put them in the boutique.  And they sold!  B was so excited!  

When I got home Thursday night, I gave him the money he had earned.  We talked about how many creations his cousin had made.  He decided how much the money she had earned.  We put it in an envelope and he asked me to write her a note that he signed "We did a good thing!"

Yes they did!  So did my sister in law.  And once again, God reminds me that we are not meant to live life alone.  We are meant to live together in community.  To lift each other up.  I am so thankful for my sister in law who always remembers this and encourages both B and I .  I am thankful for our community that support our family!

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