Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The World's Largest Fidget Spinner and My Worries

B-man is 2 things - creative and entrepreneurial.  These are excellent traits.  I really love his creativity.  In theory, I love the entrepreneurial spirit too.  In reality, not so much.

His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity usually means that he wants to make something then go out to our mailbox and try to sell it to passersby.  Often times he stands out there and nothing happens. Sometimes I'll feel sorry for him and post something on Facebook.  This usually gets a friend or two over to buy something for far too much money.

Monday he kept himself busy for a while making the World's Largest Fidget Spinner.  3, actually.  Then announced that he was going outside.  It's Texas in July so he didn't stay out too long.  I was working on a presentation for work so I wasn't paying too much attention.  The next thing I know, he goes out and comes in with a dollar bill.

"Where did that come from!?!"

"Someone bought one of my spinners."


"I don't know"

"Not someone we know?" I start naming our friends in the neighborhood.  Nope, he has no idea.

I have a mini internal freakout and tell him he can't go out again.  None of my friends text to tell me they saw him and bought a spinner.  Later that night, Ryan talks to him about stranger danger.  I have another mini internal freakout.

B-man is super social.  A doctor once told me that he was too social to be autistic.  We all know he's social until he can't be anymore.  And that's not a super long time.  He has no stranger danger.

Let me repeat that - no stranger danger.  He will walk up to anyone and say just about anything.  Like "I like your baby" to random moms with strollers.

This is a real worry for me.  Our town was considering a 24/7 gas station behind our neighborhood. I emailed our town council to oppose it for just this reason.  My kid will walk up to any car and try to sell them whatever he's made.

I can't let my guard down.  I let it down Monday while I was busy working and he not only talked to someone but got close enough to accept a dollar from them.  I still may puke thinking about it.

So, I'll take the creativity all day long.  The entrepreneurial, I'd like to put a hold on.

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