Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dallas Summer Musicals

Once a month, I put on make up and an actual outfit on a Saturday.  My momma comes over and we drive down to Fair Park.  I plan around these Saturdays.  Nothing else gets planned on those days.  I really love these days.  I guess I should slow down, we've only done this twice.  But still, I love them.

You see, Momma and I got season tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals.  For years I thought I'd be a real grown up when I had DSM summer musicals.  I'd finally feel cultured and refined. I'd be fancy. 

So far we've seen The Color Purple and On Your Feet.  They were not on my top musicals to see bucket list.  But gracious, they were good!

In both musicals I have been fascinated by the setting and scene changes.  The Color Purple had a multi-tiered platform and 3 tall panels with chairs on them.  The actors used small props to transport us to their world and different locations.  On Your Feet was more elaborate.  They also had 3 tall panels but they utilized computer graphics projected onto the panels to tell their story.  The backdrop was changed digitally as well. On Your Feet also had a slider (I'm sure that's not the official name) on each side of the stage.  The slider would bring out furniture to help tell their story. 

I am a fan of creativity and creative people.  Musicals highlight so many creative people.  Writers, musicians, performers, costume designers, set designers...I could go on an on.  It's so cool to spend an afternoon with my momma celebrating their creativity. 

I will confess, there have been moments that I felt a little like the country mouse coming to the city.  After The Color Purple, I thought I'd find a better way out of Fair Park.  Nope, I ended up driving around for 10 minutes then had to get right in the long line I'd been trying to avoid. 

This past Saturday, I really struggled.  I had received an email about the dining choices at the theatre a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to try pre-ordering food for intermission.  I went back to the email Thursday and visited the website.  I was looking for a way to pre-order through the website. I couldn't find it so I sent an email.  I didn't understand the answer I received so I had to ask more questions.  Turns out I needed to pre-order at the theatre before the show started. 

We got to the theatre early this week. We wandered around looking for the pre-order spot.  When I finally asked, I realized we had walked right based it.  We ordered then headed to our seats.  At intermission, Momma stayed in her seat and I ran down the get the food.  I was shown to a set table.  Oops! For some reason I thought I'd be picking up food and taking it back to our seats.  Nope, you go down to the restaurant to sit and eat.  So, I ran back up to our balcony seats to get Momma. We ate our fancy snack and had plenty of time to get back to our seats. 

I'm not feeling super fancy so far but I am loving spending time with Momma and seeing some awesome musicals! 

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