Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Petting Sitting

Over spring break, B started his pet sitting business.  He had two customers: Susan the hedgehog and Buckets the dog. 

Susan is the classroom pet for a teacher at my school.  Susan is young and Dr. Stovall needed help socializing her.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal and hiss when they are disrupted during the day. This is not great for a class pet since the kids want to interact with her during the day. So B was to take her out and play with her to get her used to people.  B really loved this, and the fact that she didn't nip like Peppermint. 
Bringing Susan home - she's all buckled in!

Dr. Stovall gave B a list of directions and a time table for playing with Susan.  He was very diligent about turning on her lamp, scooping her litter and getting her fresh water each morning.  Her running wheel also needed to be cleaned each morning but that job feel to me.  Every evening he shut his bedroom door and took Susan out to play.  I even got to join in a few days.
Playtime with Susan

Monday morning we took Susan back to school.  B got to stay and talk to Dr. Stovall's 1st period class about playing with Susan.  He was super psyched about that!

Dr Stovall & B

Buckets is B's cousin's dog.  B's job was to go to Bucket's house everyday and play with him. B also took this very seriously.  At the appointed time each day, he'd come running up and remind me it was time to go play with Buckets.  He also watered the plants at Bucket's house.  

Buckets is tired!

I'm very pleased with B's first foray into business.  He took it very seriously and did a great job! I enjoyed being his assistant.  My job was to clean Susan's wheel and drive him to Bucket's.  I'll be honest, cleaning the wheel was not fun but I loved spending time with B.  My boy wants to run a business and now I know he means business!

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