Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Leprechaun Trap

B-man is a fan of setting leprechaun traps.  The trouble is that he likes to make them when it's not St. Patrick's day.  As you might imagine, this causes a lot of consternation. This year I decided to be proactive about reminding him that St. Patrick's Day was coming and making a plan. 

I found a recipe for leprechaun bait on facebook and gathered the ingredients while he was with Nene last week.  This way I could get just what was needed for the recipe with no debate AND he'd be happy.  And I was so right! He was so excited to make the bait.  


He was so excited that he set up the trap super early.  Like Friday afternoon early.  He was not thrilled when I told him he had to take it down.  It involved chewed gum on my kitchen island.  He did remember to set the trap Friday night.

Unfortunately, he didn't catch a leprechaun.  Which is sad because he was going to ask the leprechaun for super powers with his wish.  I could use some super powers around here.  However, the bait was gone, green and chocolate coins were left in it's place.  That's closer than B's ever gotten!

Maybe next year!

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