Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Nerf Night

Our church does two events annually to connect parents and kids - Daddy Daughter Dance and Mother Son Nerf Night.  Our Children's Ministers work so hard to make each event perfect! I was never able to go with The Bigs so I was so excited to take B last year. 

Ohhhh, last year.  I'm wincing.  That did not end well.  Suffice it to say that B got overwhelmed, then got mad. 

When I asked him if he wanted to go this year he said, "Don't you remember last year?"  I told him that I did but that he's another year old and he knows what happens at Nerf Night so I thought he might want to try again.  He tentatively said yes.

I actually did not think he was going to go.  As late as Saturday afternoon, he wasn't sure.  But when it was time to go, he was ready! 

We've spent a lot of time lately talking about the things he needs to help him.  He's seeing the benefit of using his calming strategies.  He chose to bring his Pokeball pillow to help him if he got upset.  As we walked in he started to stress. He was afraid that he should have brought his Nerf gun.  He gripped his pillow while I explained that there would be plenty of guns. 

B-man had a great time! We played Moms vs. Sons Capture the Flag - twice!  Moms won both times, thank you very much.  Which he also handled well. The thing I was worried about was the Free For All room, it's actually what you think it is.  No rules, just shoot whoever you want. B thought it would be fine, in we went and it was fine.  He had some setbacks in the Target Shooting room but he handled them well.  At some point, we put the pillow to the side and didn't get back until we were ready to leave.  We ate and even took pictures (a point of contention last year)! 

I let him direct our photo booth photos.  As you can see from the pizza to my face, my mask and the pizza in general.  I requested one 'normal' picture.  He decided on the rest. 

Obviously, I didn't get to choose which picture would be the big one

I love that we tried again.  I love that he was able to try again.  I love that he was able to bring his pillow as an aide.  I love that our Kid's Min staff sought us out to check on B. 

Life is about facing our challenges.  Ryan and I have to walk a fine line with B.  We want to push him to do things he initially thinks he can't do.  We do not push him into a meltdown. With each new challenge, B learns and we learn.  We're learning to talk through things in detail.  He's learning to use his strategies.  Life is AUsome!

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