Thursday, November 8, 2018

Clean Up

Listen, we're all weird. Every single person. It's like a continuum - some of us are a lot weird, some of us are just a little weird.  And lets face it, you're here because I'm weird.  You like to read about my weirdness.  It's ok, I love that about you. I also love my weirdness.  So, I'm fully aware of how weird this post is...

One of my many weirdnesses is that I don't buy cereal for the boys during the school year.  You have to have protein in their bellies when they get to school.  Cereal is for the summer.  I don't even buy it for a 'snack' during the school year because my protein plan will go out the door. I know these people, I raised these sneaky little peeps. 

I also try to go to the grocery store alone, it costs less money.  Last week, Ryan, B & I went to the grocery store.  B wanted cereal and I said no. We spent the entire rest of the trip discussing why I don't buy cereal during the school year.  It was exhausting, actually.  The dude just does not like taking no for an answer. 

Tuesday afternoon I had to take B with me to the grocery store again.  No one was happy about this. B wanted me to take him home then go.  But I wanted to go and get home and get in my pajamas.  So, I told him he could pick something at the store.  Zac had dental work done that day and wanted spaghetti-os. I was hoping I could convince B to get a can too.   You know where this is going, right?

I had to buy Trix cereal.

Whatever, I bought the dang cereal.  Let's just go home.  We did.  I was changing clothes and hear a large thud.  B comes into my bathroom "I need you in the kitchen right away".  Not a whole lot of urgency. 

I came into the kitchen to find a gallon of milk on it's side, a big mess of milk on the floor and B watching a YouTube video.  "I was trying to get milk for my cereal and then dropped it trying to get it back into the fridge." 

Alright dude, let's clean it up.  Job one: pick up the milk. 

B started freaking out.  Here's where I would normally stepped in and cleaned it up.  But I resisted.  I explained to B how to clean the mess.  At first I stood back and coached him on how to clean up the mess.  He was not happy.  The paper towels were yucky.  But he persisted. 

I did end up helping but he did most of the work. I mopped up afterwards.  He even cleaned off the trashcan. 

So, that's another weird thing for me.  I was so happy to listen to him complain about cleaning up his own mess.  Another random milestone that he's meeting better late than never!

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