Wednesday, November 7, 2018


GOD is blowing my mind this week.  Sunday night it was through Bob Goff's book Everybody Always.  Monday night it was through His Word. I've been doing Jen Wilkin's God of Creation Bible Study with our church's women's ministry.

Like most good Southern Baptist little girls, I can tell you all about Genesis.  GOD created the world.  He makes Adam.  He makes Eve. They eat the fruit.  "The fall". They leave the Garden. Cain and Able - the first murder.  And that's just the first 4 chapters.  It's jam packed with interesting stories.

We are 4 weeks into the study and each week I've learned something that I've just glanced over in the text.  It happened again this week but it really blew my mind! THREE TIMES!!
1. Here in Chapter 3 GOD knows that Adam and Eve have sinned.  He's asked them about it and now He's giving the consequences.  First of all, the serpent does not get to talk to GOD about his version of events and he gets the first consequence.  Read verse 15 again.  You know what that is? It's the first prophesy of Jesus.  Through Eve will come a son who will crush the serpent.  SHABAM!

2. Still in Chapter 3, everyone's received their consequences for sin from GOD (verses 14-19).  The first thing after those consequences Adam gives Eve her name - mother of all living.  I assume they are still standing in the presence of GOD. They have not been driven from the Garden.  Yet Adam takes this moment to give Eve her name.  A name that reflects life.  Adam is full of hope in this minute.  When was the last time you received a negative consequence and responded in a hopeful way? I can not think of one single time I did.  BOOM!

3. Also immediately GOD clothes Adam and Eve.  I had not ever really thought about it. But Jen Wilkin points out that the skins had to come from some where.  There had to be a sacrifice.  Without fanfare, GOD provides the sacrifice.  WOOT!

It seems like these things happened in rapid succession. But they are a part of GOD's larger story, His plan.  From the very beginning, He had a plan to draw us to Himself.  He always has our best interest at heart.  All His actions show his deep love for us.  His plan never ceases to amaze me.  He's always providing a way for us.  His provision covers us always. I am so thankful for the opportunity to study GOD's Word and learn from Jen's insights.  I love how an age old, ageless text can draw me closer to GOD and teach me about my current reality and His unending love and provision for me.

I highly recommend this study!

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Unknown said...

Omg!! Love everything about this! This study has been AMAZING! The points you made here were mind blowing to me as well. So many things that I didn’t realize before digging deeper in the text!