Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Football 2018

Well friends, high school football season is over.  Nobody's happy about it, everyone's pretty bummed. But it was a good season.

I love it when I can watch my boys do what they love.  And, they love to play football.  That makes it a good season.

They both overcame obstacles, became better players and better people.  Zac stepped in a new position a few weeks into the season.  It was painful to watch at first.  He was learning a position while much larger and older boys were coming at him.  But it was awesome to see his progression.  It was a good season.

Sam had a particularly bad half.  His snaps were off.  That makes it hard for the quarterback.  When the play starts off on a bad note, it's hard to get back on track.  Sam came back after halftime and was back to his reliable self.  It was a good season.

We had one game when all four boys (my 2 bigs and my 2 nephews) played in the same game.  It was a good season.

I only made a fool of myself a few times, that's always good.  It was a good season.

Both boys had other adults love on them. Their coaches, moms who took pictures and brought food, prayer moms loved on them.  Sam had a mentor he met with each week.  It was a good season.

Each summer, we do a spaghetti dinner for the boys before football starts.  I give them a quote or something to focus on for the year.

In the days right after a season ending loss, it's hard to hear the voice of truth. Everything is bad and wrong. But the Voice of Truth helps us gain perspective.  God is our voice of truth.  When we look to Him for our worth, we can handle things with grace.

God tells us that we can begin again.  The boys have more time to play football and to become better men in the process.  And to give God the glory for those changes.  

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