Thursday, November 1, 2018

Homecoming - part three - Game & Dance

Of course, the point of homecoming is the football game! I was so excited for the game because it was going to be the first time that The Bigs would be in the same tackle football game (they played 7 on 7 football together this summer).  The team we played didn't have a junior varsity team so Zac didn't have a game to play Thursday night.  The coaches decided to move several sophomores and a few freshman up to Varsity for the homecoming game.

The night started off great! Sam's girlfriend was crowned Homecoming Queen during the pre-game events.  I was so excited that all my boys would be on the same field (my boys = my 2 Bigs plus my 2 nephews).  My boys are stair steps - Sam and Tripp are 6 weeks apart. Zac and Max are 3 weeks apart.  Max has been on varsity (and killing it) for 3 weeks now.  So, all 4 of my boys would be in the same uniform and on the same field.  We knew it was a long shot for Zac to play.  Thankfully, Sam, Tripp, Max and the other players were doing a great job and got us a big lead.  So, late in in the 4th quarter, Zac got in for 2 plays.  He did ok, not great but it was a great experience for him.  When he went in, I jumped in my seat, dropped my phone and spilled B's drink.

Sam #58 
Zac #44

Saturday night was the dance. The Bigs and I had shopped for new clothes the Saturday before so they looked sharp.  My uncle was here and he took some great pictures of them.  There's another very cute picture of them giving me a kiss but I've been asked to not post it.  ;)

I took Zac to the photo shoot location to meet his date and other friends. Since Sam can drive, I got to meet him at his location.  I didn't stay long with Sam but I was glad I went to snap a few pictures.

The boys had a great time at the dance and they were worn out afterwards.  Zac wanted to go home and crash but ultimately decided to hang with his friends as planned.  One of the moms took them to Denny's after midnight.  Sam, his girlfriend and lots of their friends hung out at my sister and brother in laws.  Ryan and I helped chaperone.  Which is to say, we greeted everyone, put out food and hung out.  They are great kids. They played volleyball, ate then settled in to watch a movie.  Sam and his girlfriend went to hang out with some of her friends.  Very low key. Great decisions being made.

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