Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Best for B

I love so many things about our school district! Our 3rd and 4th grades go on cool field trips each year. 3rd graders go to NASA and 4th graders to go Austin. The kids love these trips (some parents grumble but show up year after year).  We took B to NASA last year, it was mostly successful.  B did have a meltdown that meant we needed to go to the car for a bit.  

This year's Austin trip involved a tour of the capital and then a trip to the Inner Space Caverns. This is different from both of the Big's trips.  Sam's group went to the Alamo in San Antonio and Bob Bullock Museum in Austin in one day. It was tiring but interesting.  Zac's trip was straight up awful - Washington on the Brazos.  It was so hot and most of the day was to be outside.  Also, the workers were awful. One man told my group about how Anson Jones committed suicide.  Not exactly appropriate for 4th graders! 

We were committed to taking B on his trip. We want to experience the same things as his classmates. Then I went to the parent meeting.  There was some talk about how much walking would be involved.  It was during the meeting that I really started thinking about the trip.  As much as we want B to experience the same things as his classmates, we also don't want to set him up for failure.  As I thought about the Inner Space Caverns, I had a flash of B becoming very upset, not wanting to go underground, feeling claustrophobic.  I did not want this to happen to him in front of the entire 4th grade!

When I got home, Ryan and I talked to B about the field trip. We decided that we'd have a B day instead of going on the trip!

We actually got started a little early because of the Big's many spring activities. Thursday night B & I were going to be home alone. We started at Sonic to get dinner and ice cream.  It was so nice outside that I opened the sunroof.  B crawled up there and chilled out waiting for our food. 

Friday morning B wanted to go to Game Stop. He originally wanted some new figurines but had decided he wanted a new video game.  I needed to go to Target and I'd promised him lunch at McDonalds.  He was pretty anxious to get going.  Game Stop wasn't opened yet so we headed over to Target.  

I got what I needed and asked B if he wanted to check for his game here.  Wooowhoo it was! 

We had a great day hanging out at the house. B played his video game and loved it.  I loved that he was happy! 

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