Thursday, March 28, 2019


I've taught technology in one form or another my entire career.  I've taught technology applications to middle school kids. I've taught teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms.  I love a good gadget, I can learn new ones pretty easily. I really like my Apple watch and my iPhone.  They make things super convenient.  And yet...

I can't curb my dependence to paper. 

I love paper. 

I try to carry a notebook with me at all times in case I have a new idea.  When I'm embarking on a new project, I buy a new notebook.  I also have a paper planner that I love.  I make a to do list in each every day.  Nothing beats marking something off your to do list.

You all know that I'm a total book nerd.  I occasionally read digitally but I don't like it as much.  For non-fiction books, I want to highlight and make notes in the book.  When I borrow a book, either from a friend or library, I end up making notes in a notebook.  I recently went Half Priced Books, opened my Nook app and ordered hard copies of most the non-fiction books I'd already purchased digitally.  I know I can make notes in the Nook but they kinda die.  They're hard to find again. 

What I do love digitally are audio books.  I love my Audible subscription.  But I usually only get fiction from Audible.  The exception is if a non-fiction book I really love is on sale.  For example, I love all the Freakonomics books.  I own them all.  Recently one of the books was Audible's daily deal so I snagged it.  It's a great balance because I love to read non-fiction. Audible helps me branch out into some fiction. 

Most of my love for writing is that it helps me remember.  My mind is a hot mess most days.  Lots of ideas and thoughts bouncing around up there.  Writing something down some how makes it stick.  Plus I'm a big fan of pens so that makes writing fun. 

Many times my preference for paper means I do things twice.  I write an event in my planner then enter it into my digital calendar. I scribble ideas in my notebook then type those ides into an email or Google doc to share with others.  I don't mind it because I'm also a percolator.  I like to think on things.  I write it down, leave it a while then come back to the idea when I need to share with someone else.  While typing the idea, I get an AHA! moment and I can make the idea better.

What about you? Are you all paper or all digital?  Or an hybrid of both? 

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