Thursday, March 7, 2019


Fatigue.  I'm there.  I was sick most of February.  I got bronchitis at the beginning of the month and I've had a hard time shaking it.  I've tried to pull back and rest. I haven't been getting up early each morning.  I haven't been working out.  I haven't been going to the Bigs' baseball games because it's been so cold outside.  But I am tired. I'm exhausted. I'm fatigued.

The real problem is I'm not really sure what else to do about it.  Because I live in 2019, I Googled "overcoming fatigue".  I knew most of the advice: make sure there aren't other health issues, rest, eat right and exercise.  Got it, thanks.

Next week is Spring Break.  I'm looking forward to being home with the boys.  Of course, we have baseball but it will be nice to get to see them in action. I'm planning on resting but not spending the entire week in bed.  I want to get back to yoga and my Bible study. 

Jesus spent time alone in the Bible. There are many many verses about finding rest in Him.  In the Bible rest is also associated with peace.  That's what I'm clinging to, the promise of peace. 

I think it's a combo of the time of year and getting over bronchitis, really.  I think Spring Break will do me some good and I'll get back to normal. 

What do you do when you feel worn out? How do you get back to yourself?

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