Tuesday, March 12, 2019

To Do Lists

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break. I slept in, as I had planned and as I plan to do each morning this week, drank coffee and got back to my Bible Study.  I'm still in Exodus, my favorite book in the Bible.  I'm in Chapter 25.  God is giving Moses the instructions for the Tabernacle. 

I'm sure lots of people find these instructions boring. I'm fascinated by the instructions.  They are so detailed.  So specific. 

As I reflected on them Monday morning, I found myself feeling jealous.  Again.  I'm often jealous of the Israelites.  They were God's chosen people. They received direct instruction from Him.  They knew He was present with them, Pillar of Cloud by day and Pillar of Fire by night.

This morning I was wishing I had a to do list from God like the Israelites had:

My next thought was, maybe it's ok that I don't get a daily to do list from God.  I'd probably screw it up anyway.  I'd probably ignore the most important things on the list and spend too much time on things that shouldn't take too long.  I'd for sure mess it up.

As I reflected on all these I realized, I do have a to do list from God.  It has exactly two items on it.  It's the same every day.  And I, for sure, mess it up more days than I get it right.  But, I try to get it right every day. 

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