Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I'm at preteen camp this week.  Thank you for your prayers ;).  I'm writing these before I leave and they'll automatically post.  Enjoy!

B-man is funny dude.  Today I want to share some of his recent great lines.  Outside our family, I've just used initials.

To one of Zac's friends:
L, you're pretty awesome.  Behind God of course.  He's number one in my life.  He should be number one in everyone's life.

To me after I told him he could do chores to earn money for a new video game:
Ummmm, I don't really do chores.

To me:
You saw a mirage.  I've seen a mirage before.  Like when I thought the neighbor's car was in the garage but it wasn't.  A mirage.

To my nephew at noon on the day his family is moving into a new house.  There's no furniture in the house yet, just boxes:
I like your new house T.  It's great but it needs some decorative pillows.

To our neighbors on their teenage son:
B: Mr. T, ummm is C old enough for a girl?
T: you mean a girlfriend?
B: yeah, that special someone?
Mr T's wife: B, have you decided who C's special someone should be?
B: it has to be someone who will help him live out a righteous life

To Zac after he dyed his hair platinum blonde for baseball:
Everyone is going to fall in love with you when they see your hair. Well, the womens will.

To a friend of mine after she served him baked ziti:
Sometimes you have to taste with your heart, not just your tongue.

To me while we're looking for his glasses, again:
Can you just keep up with them from now on?

To me after I asked him if he flushed and washed his hands after the bathroom:
Why do you keep informing me of this!?!

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Rachel Campbell said...

LOL- these are great! Love love love!