Tuesday, February 20, 2018

R.I.P. Peppermint

Friday morning Ryan texted me "Peppermint is dead."  Peppermint, you will remember, is the gerbil B got for Christmas.

I texted back "Are you sure?"

Ryan immediately called me, "What do you mean 'are you sure?'?"

"Well, maybe he's asleep?"

"I've picked him up with tongs and put him in paper bag and he didn't move so I'm guessing he's not asleep."

Oh no! I was so worried about B.  He got on the phone to tell me.  He sounded upset but ok.  Ryan took him to school and I let his teachers, principal and behavior specialist.  I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how B's day would go.  One of his teachers just had a baby and is out, the other teacher answered my text that she wouldn't be at school that day and it was STEM career day.  I joked at work "When do we think I'll have to go get him?"  "Will B survive this day?" 

Thank God for small mercies - one of the subs for the day was B's teacher from last year who had retired.  He ended up having a good day. 

Peppermint a loyal, nice but nippy gerbil.  Amen
I had to run home (I ran out of coffee supplies at work and coffee = life at work so it was clearly a required trip).  B had written on Peppermint's bag.  I'd worried Ryan that Peppermint might wake up so he'd put the bag in the washing machine - if Peppermint woke up and ate his way through the bag, he'd be confined to the bag. 

Friday afternoon Peppermint was still in the bag so we were confident he had departed this world.  We made plans for a burial and funeral.  I put Peppermint in the freezer until the service. 

Sunday afternoon we had the funeral.  B searched Spotify for "funeral music" so we had some lovely instrumental music.  Ryan dug the grave with B's small garden shovel.  We decided to lay Peppermint to rest under B's window. Mostly the avoid the back yard and our digging dog. 

Below is the transcript of B's prayer.  I have to be honest, I had tears in my eyes after this prayer.  B comforted me "I know you loved him too, Momma." Yes, let's go with that...

Dear Jesus,
Bless Peppermint's soul with all your heart.  Forgive him of any sins he might have made. We loved him so much but now it's time to join him with Pa and Pops.  I will love him with all my heart for the rest of eternity. 
Just drop him in already.

And that concluded Peppermint's service. 

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