Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Everyone has goals.

Even if your goal is to make it through the day, that's awesome.  Wake up and set the same goal again tomorrow and the day after that.  A person without goals is like taking a trip without a GPS - you'll get somewhere but it might not be where you imagined.

I've shared lots of my goals with you on this blog

  • be a good wife, mom, follower of Christ
  • write
  • speak
  • grow our Valuable Special Needs ministry
  • help teachers be better
  • have a great library that encourages kids to love to read

With our boys, we always have them set goals.  We don't tell them they must have a certain grade.  We ask them to set a goal for their grades.  If we think they've lowballed it, we have that discussion.

Once they set goals, we are all in to help them achieve those goals.  When they don't want to do the work required to reach the goal, we ask "Is this still your goal?" If it's not, we change direction.  If it is, they get back to work.  Of course, academic goals aren't optional.

Ryan and I are grown ups (usually).  It's our job to know more that our boys (usually).  It's not fair to let them work towards their goals on their own.  We know things they don't know. We have resources they don't have.  Our brains are more mature and we are able to see more long term (usually).  When they want to give up, it's our job to encourage them and help them see the bigger picture.  We know what things are in their control and the things that are not.  It's our job to help them focus on the things they can control and pray about the rest.

I'll be honest with y'all.  We have received our fair share of criticism for the way we help our boys.  I'm sure people talk behind our backs, too.  But God gave them to us, we're responsible for them. It's our job to grow good grown ups.  I'm pretty proud of how it's going so far.

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