Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thank you, Dav Pilkey

My house is littered with paper. B-man is constantly drawing.  I keep buying notebooks for his drawings.  He keeps using loose pieces of computer and manilla paper.  Then leaving them on the floor.  I might have gotten him to embrace the notebooks when I told him I wanted to keep his drawings so we'd have them when he's a famous artist.

Lately, he's been creating super heroes.  He draws super heroes he already knows.  He creates others.  He makes himself and his friends into super heroes.  He wrote a letter to Stan Lee and including some of his drawings.  He even asked a comicbook store owner if the store like to buy the comics he's drawn.

A few weeks ago, I noticed Dav Pilkey's About the Author page.  Dav Pilkey is the author of the wildly popular Captain Underpants series of books.  B's a big fan of his new series Dog Man.

When I showed it to B he said "That sounds like me!" It made my heart so full.

To be clear, no one has ripped up B's drawings.  No one makes him sit out in the hallways, either.  B is surrounded by kids who get him and accept him, for the most part.  But his drawings and handwriting can be hard to read and understand.

I'm not sure B feels like many people are like him.  I don't think it bothers him right now.  But it will eventually.  And he will have these books to look back on and remember how Dav Pilkey made him feel a kinship.

Dav Pilkey's honesty and transparency is so refreshing.  I can not imagine how many kids he's inspired with his revelation! I know one for sure. And my momma-librarian-writer's heart is so happy that my boy can see himself in someone who creates something he loves!

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