Thursday, April 26, 2018

Things I've learned from autistic kids
This is my last post for Autism Awareness month.  I wrote 3 posts the first week and nothing else until today.  I think y'all are pretty aware of autism.  And most of y'all are pretty accepting of autism as well.

I love hanging out with autistic kids.  Most of the AU kids I've been around are super cool and I've learned a lot from them.

1. Look at things differently - many of autistic kids I know see things in a whole different way.  It's cool to see things from their perspective. 

2. All behavior is communication - very rarely does any kid 'misbehave' or do something out of their ordinary for no reason.  They are always trying to tell you something.  They maybe hitting to try to get your attention or because they need more sensory input.  They may be throwing things because the noise it makes it too much for them.  They might be yelling and shoving in the hallway because it's physically painful for them to be around so many other people. 

3. Small things can make a big difference - offer a kid a chewer and they'll stop biting people.  Get some headphones and some kids can handle big crowds better. 

4. You don't have to talk to communicate - looks and gestures can tell a deep and loving story.

5. If you're clothes don't feel good, you can wear something else - this is a big philosophy I've adopted.  I now shop with my hands more than my eyes.  If it isn't soft and comfy, I'm not spending my money. 

If you have autistic kids in your life, I'd love to know what they've taught you!

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