Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I love to talk. Growing up, my report cards always said "Aimee is a very social child." I'm actually an extroverted introvert but I don't mind speaking in groups.  Or to groups.  I've done lots of education presentations.  I love to do professional development for teachers.  I just usually need a nap or some alone time after to recharge.

For a few years now, I've wanted to move from speaking in an education context to speaking to large groups (or small, I'm not picky).  I feel very strongly that God wants me to write and speak, to tell our story, teach about the Bible and share what God's doing for me. The call to write lead me to restart this blog and commit to posting 3 times a week. The call to speak is not so easy. 

I shared my desire with a few people in the past but not to a lot of people.  Our church recently did a sermon series called Courageous.  You can view them here.  For about a year and a half, I have committed myself to obedience. I told God if He would tell me what to do, I would do it.  It has not been easy, it's let to hard conversations.  During the Courageous series, God was prompting me to reach out to my friend Jill about speaking.  Jill works with a team on our church's Women's Conference.  So, I gathered up all my courage and sent Jill this email. 

Jill very graciously emailed me back the next day to say she would let me know if there was an opportunity this year.  A few weeks go by and Jill calls to invite me to speak! 

I was totally floored! 

I spoke on Saturday and was one of 3 speakers that day.  I was super nervous, which Ryan thought was funny because I speak in front of people so much. But this would be different.  I would be telling our story, not telling people how to use Google Drive.  It would be personal.  Before I was about to go on I was sitting in the office sweating and worrying about pit stains. 

When I walked on stage, everything just came together.  I was so comfortable.  I had so much fun.  My favorite quote afterwards was from my friend Laci: "You would say something funny then look shocked that we laughed".  Honestly, I was a little surprised.  I like to think I'm funny but it's different when other people thing you're funny.  

I loved getting to visit with ladies after I spoke and hear their stories.  I was so touched by them and their willingness to share with me.  I wasn't really ready for that and it was humbling.  I hope and pray that God brings me more opportunities to share with ladies (or dudes, again, I'm not picky) because I am totally hooked!

thanks for the photo Laci

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