Thursday, April 5, 2018

What We Want You To Know, 2018

First of all, thank you for putting up with my April's greatest hits this week. I hope you enjoyed reading about Light It Up Blue and Autism Acceptance again. 

Last year I also wrote What We'd Like You to Know to tell you what our family would like you to know about Autism.  I wanted to revisit that today.

"It's different to have a brother with autism.  He will not get what you are saying right away, you have to really explain things for B.  Also, he doesn't have a filter at all which can be kinda fun sometimes.  It can be tough at times and I do get embarrassed sometimes."

"I wish people understood that autism effects different people in different ways.  B's mind works differently than ours and you have to be more patient with him."

"I still agree with what I said last year: Everyone is a little quirky.  B's are a little bigger and he can't always control them."

I'd echo the boys' statements.  It can be hard.  Sometimes you get embarrassed.  I do feel a heavy burden to teach people about B and to help B understand himself.  I really want him to be able to ask for what he needs and we have to teach him how to do that.  But I do love it.  I love being his momma. I love being Sam & Zac's momma too.

"I am a good person. I don't feel too different from other kids. I need my heavy stuff to help me feel calm sometimes."  {heavy stuff means his weighted blanket and weighted stuff animals}

If you have any questions for us, ask in the comments!

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