Thursday, October 4, 2018


I read this quote by Charlie Chaplin in my Bible study Wednesday morning;

A day without laughter is a day wasted. 

I loved it so much that I painted it on a window at the library as soon as I got to work this morning. 

I think I laugh every day. Honestly, I can't remember.  So many things happen in a day, some things I remember, others pass me by. There's just too much going on for it all to stick.

I do work hard at happiness. I surround myself with things that make me smile.  I try very hard to be around people I like and like the people I'm around.  But do I laugh?

Laughing means letting go a little.  To laugh you have to not worry what someone will think of you. You don't have time to worry.  You just react. You laugh.

I know I have laughed at inappropriate times and places.  But I can't mine the situation from my memory right now.

I laugh at myself a lot. I'm the first to tell you how I screwed something up so you can laugh.  Check my Twitter library's Twitter feed if you don't believe me.

And yet, I can't remember when I let loose and really laughed.  Not giggled, a belly laugh.  I want to laugh everyday. I want to be a person who notices funny things and reacts.

So, here I go...I'm going to start noticing things and laughing out loud instead of just typing LOL. Feel free to send me something to laugh at!

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