Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dav Pilkey!

On Sunday, B and I went to see author Dav Pilkey.  Dav Pilkey is the author of the Captain Underpants and Dog Man graphic novel series.  I've written about him before.  B-man loves Dog Man!

Thankfully, the event organizers communicated very clearly before the event.  I did have to buy a ticket that included entry for 2 people and a signed copy of Dav's new book.  The organizers let us know that they were expected 3000 people, that Mr. Pilkey would speak for 30 minutes starting at 2 pm, doors would open at 12:30 and our order for the meet and greet was our ticket number. 

I explained all this to B before we left and I let him know that he was in control.  As soon as he was ready to go, we would leave.  He asked if he would get to take a picture with Dav Pilkey. I told him we could but our ticket number was 904 so we would be 904th in line.  He said "ummm, I don't know about that."

When we arrived there was a line outside to get in.  A line that started out on the sidewalk, went through the parking garage, down a hall then into the building.  Immediately, B needed to go to the bathroom. Usually this would be an emergency.  But he did well. He waited in line patiently until we got inside and he could use the bathroom.  I did smuggle a book in in my purse so he could read in line. 

We checked in and got B's signed book.  There were activities in the concourse: face painting, balloon animals, selfie stations and characters.  B just wanted to go inside the arena.

On our way into the arena we could smell pizza.  B, of course, wanted some.  I pointed out the line and he said no thanks. They were giving out posters, capes and other swag.  Again, B did not want to wait in line. I let B choose our seats.  He chose to sit up high in the seats on the side (versus on the floor). It was 1:30 by the time we got to our seat. 

They played music, showed videos and had Captain Underpants and Dog Man available for photos.  He sat and read for the entire 30 minute wait.  My mommy-librarian heart was so happy!

I loved Mr. Pilkey's talk! He told the kids about 3 important Ps - positivity, practice and perseverance.  He talked about his rough childhood having dyslexia and ADHD. He talked about how many times his first book was rejected.  B was totally tuned in, hanging on every word. 

During the talk, they gave away gift bags for answering questions.  B didn't win one and he even took that in stride!

After the talk they called numbers 0-100 to go meet Mr. Pilkey while a lady on the stage called numbers to win more prizes.  B started playing on my phone.  When she called 101-200 B asked when we could leave.  Right now, if you want, man.  So we left.  He had said he wanted a picture with Captain Underpants and Dog Man.  When walked out the way we came and didn't see them. I asked him if he wanted to go around the other way to find them.  "No, they probably took their suits off already" he whispered. 

I am so proud of B! He knew his limits and didn't have a problem letting me know in a calm manner.  He loves his new book.  On the way home we were able to talk about being positive, practicing and sticking with things.  All things B-man, and all of us, can stand to work on. 

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