Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ice Cream

The Bigs were at a church retreat this past weekend so it was just Ryan, B and I.  Saturday night we helped transport one of the groups and passed by a new ice place in a nearby town.  I mentioned that I'd like to go there.  On the highway home, Ryan said he couldn't stop thinking about ice cream.  Unfortunately, B didn't have any shoes on so we couldn't get rolled ice cream. I, on the other hand, was appropriately dressed so we headed to the grocery store. 

I went inside and called back to the car to report my findings. Ryan and B chose yummy Ben & Jerry's flavors Cherry Garcia and Phish Food.  I looooove s'mores.  I had a sore throat and really wanted some yummy ice cream.  But also, I'd been doing well on my eating plan and I didn't want to gain everything back. So, I picked Halo Top S'mores.

Have you ever had Ben & Jerry's Phish Food?  It's chocolate ice cream, swirls of marshmallow and little chocolate fish.  It looks so yummy.  I should not have opened it before I opened mine.  My diet s'mores ice cream didn't look or taste so great after seeing Phish Food.  I ate a little and put it back in the freezer.  B did share his with me but I had promised him his own container so I didn't push. 

Later Saturday night, Ryan opened the freezer to find this:
It says "not eat" in the top box.  Then some face drawings. Then "This is Brennan's ice cream tub".

We both busted out laughing.  B knows whats up.  You can't count on anything being there the next day around our house.  Personally, I hide stuff that I don't want to share at work.  I love that B just took control of the situation and marked his ice cream.  It's a little self advocating thing and I love it!

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