Thursday, February 21, 2019


I saw this photo on one of my librarian facebook pages the other day and laughed out loud.  I think I'm going to set it up in my middle school library and see if the kids get it. 

The photo got me thinking about procrastination.  I'm not generally a procrastinator.  But when I want to do it, I'm queen of it. 

I have something on my priorities list that I've been 'meaning' to do since October.  But no one's asking about it so I haven't done it.  It's really not a priority, I just put it up there to remind me it needs to be done.  It's not a hard task but it does require peace and quiet and a block of time. 

Let me tell you "peace and quiet and a block of time" are in short supply in a middle school library.  I'm always going to do it tomorrow.  Oh wait, tomorrow is 5th grade library day, that'll be crazy.  I'll do it the next day.  That's how it hasn't gotten done. 

The thing that I really procrastinate is phone calls.  I do not like to call people on the phone and ask them for something.  I love talking to my girlfriends once I'm on the phone.  It's so hard to pick up the phone. 

Here are my 2 secret weapons to get stuff done and not procrastinate:

1.  Schedule it - I'm a paper calendar girl.  I looooove my planner. It's call the Time & To Planner, you can find it here. (I don't make any money if you click that link and buy one. I just really love it that much, I want you to have it. The planner was created by a teacher and I'm all about lifting up awesome people. Check it out.)  I'm such a nerd that I assign different areas of my life different color pens.  Family = navy blue; Middle School = purple; High School = light blue; District = hot pink; Church = green.  Those colors help me see where I need to be each day in addition to scheduling meetings and projects.

2. Tell someone - I have an awesome co-worker with me in the library.  If I tell her "today I need to make a video", she'll hold me accountable.  I find if I tell Ryan that I'm going to workout after school, I'm much more likely to do it when I get home.  He doesn't get on me.  Sometimes he doesn't even remember I told him.  But I remember and it feels like a commitment I made.  And I can not stand not fulfilling my commitments!

How do you overcome procrastination?  Help us all out by telling us in the comments!

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