Tuesday, February 12, 2019


In case you're living under a rock, this Thursday is Valentine's Day.  B's class is having a card exchange and party.  This required a bit of negotiation Sunday night.

B loves to make deals so I approached the party stuff in a business like manner. I took the notices from school to his room and had a seat across the table from him.

First we discussed the box decorating.  They are going to decorate their boxes at school Thursday so we had to decide what supplies he wanted to take.  B had already decided he needed construction paper and tape.  I asked if he needed anything else "Nope, I got this." I told him to let me know if he thought of anything else.

Next is the biggie - the cards.  B does not like to write.  It's  actually physically painful for him.  I showed him the class list.

"OK, here's the list for the cards." I told him.

"Do I have to write their last names?"

"Nope, I think first names will be good.  How about your name? Are you going to write your name on the cards."

"Yes.  You can put the cards together."

"I can do that. How many nights do you think you need?"

"Ummm, 3 nights"

Monday night comes and it's time to re-open negotiations. 

"Remember, you need to do some of your valentine cards tonight.  Actually, I need you to do half of them tonight.  Tomorrow night we'll be a basketball for a while. You can do the rest of the cards Wednesday night.  How about that?"

"I wish they came assembled."

"I'll put them together, you write on them."

"I'll write their names. You write my name."

I anticipated this.  I didn't figure he'd write both his classmate's and his name on the cards.  I agreed to write his name on the cards. 

"What time do you want to work on the cards?"


Oddly specific but I'll take it. 

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