Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Friday night I found B in the kitchen.  He was making his own tacos.  He had a flour tortilla, ham, picante sauce and celery leaves.  Not celery - the leaves at the top of the stalk.  Of course he wanted me to try out his recipe.  When he wasn't looking, I threw out the celery leaves before I chowed down.  B's taco wasn't that bad.  What really cracked me up was that B was taking notes and writing down his recipe. 

Then Saturday night the Bigs were out so it was just B, Ryan and I at home.  I was hanging on the couch coloring but I could hear B in the kitchen again.  He was making tacos again.  I let him create.  A little while later he passed through the living room on his way to his room.

Me: Hey bud, did you clean up your taco mess?

B: Yep

Me: Your kinda clean or my kinda clean?

B: ummm...1%....actually about half way between yours and mine.

Me: let me check (I stand up and go into the kitchen). What about this pizza crust?
{apparently he'd snacked on pizza while he created tacos}

B: you can have that

Me: nice try bud, go throw away the pizza crust. 

I did go into the kitchen to make sure he cleaned up well - ya know closed the picante sauce and tortillas. 

I found this in the fridge.

Man, I love this kid!

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