Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I'll admit it, I do too much for B-man.  He's the baby, I think it's common for mommas to baby their babies too long.  Especially when he wants to cook something.  I like to cook. I like to cook by myself. I like to cook by myself and serve others.  I don't share well in the kitchen. 

Last week, B wanted to cook eggs.  He started with cracking eggs with Ryan.  Another day, he asked me if he could scramble eggs.  I told him we could do it together.  He cracked the eggs and I scrambled them.

Saturday afternoon I heard the squeak of the egg carton.  I jump up and run into the kitchen.  B is shocked that I'm not willing to let him make scrambled eggs on his own.  I explained to him that, at the very least, he has to be supervised using the stove because it's hot.  He agrees to be supervised but he's going to do everything himself.

He's not awful at the egg cracking but he's not great either.  He doesn't get shells in the pan but he needs to wash his hands between eggs.  We had another negotiation on how many eggs he could cook as well.  I think he would have cooked them all just to do it.

We also worked on his scrambling technique.  He learns to scrape as well as stir.  He learns how to pour his eggs onto his plate.  He even garnishes with some celery leaves.  He was super proud of himself.  Personally, I'm proud of both of us - I supervised and didn't interfere too much.

Later in the afternoon, B asks to use the computer.  He needs to type out his recipe.  During this process, he's talking to himself. "I could impress Gordon Ramsey". Apparently, he's been watching some Hells Kitchen videos.  The boy never ceases to amaze me.

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