Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Ryan waited all day Saturday for DirecTV to show up and reconnect our service.  Around 11:30 am they left an automated voice mail saying they were running late but that we would still get service on Saturday.  I started calling around 5:30 pm.  What ensued was such horrific customer service that my rage was in full force.  My sarcasm was also at an all time high.  I did not get, and still have not gotten, satisfaction from DirecTV.  Hell that no fury like Aimee Bartis receiving bad service so stay tuned for this continuing saga.


This got me thinking about the things that make my ragey.  Here's a short list...

1. school drop-off and pick up.
2. people who think they don't have to follow the rules (see #1)
3. people who don't take care of kids
4. poor customer service
5. meanness

Meanness is one that causes me problems though.  I don't want people to be mean to me or the people I love.  However, what I get into rage-mode, I can be pretty mean.  I was not that nice to the DirecTV people Saturday.  At times I was out right rude "I need to speak to your supervisor.  No! Do not say another word to me.  Transfer me to your supervisor."  Other times I my sarcasm was mean "You have the best job ever! You can do what you want and you aren't accountable to anyone!"

This does not match up well with the gospel of Jesus.  Love one another. Turn the other cheek.  No where does Jesus tell us it's ok to be mean to people who are jerks or who don't do what we want done.  Which is what I want to do.  As my boys love to say, "Boom! Roasted!" 

Sometimes I justify my meanness with things like "Sometimes you have to be mean.  People don't respond to kindness."  That makes me feel better for a minute but then I'm reminded of Jesus.  That's not something he taught.  

Thankfully, Jesus is patient with me.  He forgives me and helps me grow.  I can't promise that I'll be nice to the DirecTV people.  But I will try.  

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