Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thinking & Sleeping

For some, thinking and sleeping are opposites.  They are tightly wound for me.  I love to do them both. 

I enjoy staring into the distance and thinking deep thoughts.  I want to think big and work towards solving big problems.  I'm proud to have good ideas. I love when my ideas connect with people. 

the fish blanket 
I love to sleep.  I love my bed and my sheets.  I always have.  I think back on my time in the Kappa Delta house at East Texas State University and remember with longing my bed there.  It was perfectly comfortable.  I had a bottom bunk and I painted the underneath a deep purple.  I had a fish comforter.  Actually, I still have that fish comforter.  The boys and I fight regularly about it.  Zac is the current user.  Generally, when I wake up in the morning I'm thinking "what has to be accomplished before I get back in this bed".   It is currently 9:14 pm and I'm a little stressed that I'm not close enough to bed. 

Of course, when I don't sleep enough my thoughts suffer.  When my eyes get heavy so does my mind.  I'm not able to power through.  I must sleep.  I can not function on too little sleep for several days in a row. There's not enough coffee to get me through. 

And yet...

I sometimes use sleep to avoid my thoughts.  When things are rough, I escape into a nap.  I'm definitely a turtle - pull into myself. 

I'll be honest, September has not been kind.  My thoughts are not always happy or easy.  I haven't slept enough.  I'm spent and I know because I'm struggling with ideas. 

I'm so looking forward to this weekend.  Yes, we have things that need to be done.  But it's a 3 day weekend.  The boys and I have Monday off for the Texas State Fair.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in and then getting my thoughts back. 

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