Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Real or Not Real

What's your definition of real?

Here's what dictionary.com says:

I'd say something that I know to be true.

For a lot of people, they need to see something to believe it.

B-man has a very loose definition of real.  There are things that he thinks are real that aren't.  It's sometimes hard to help him understand the difference.

In August I wrote about his dog spell and super power experiments.  Lately, there's a new one.  A grown man has a YouTube channel teaching you to make potions.  B, of course, thinks these are real.

It's so frustrating.  To this dude, it's all fun and games.  I'm the one trying to explain that the ingredients are not real things, that you can't really grow a minion.  That's not really a fruit called black fruit.  None of that matters to B, he will ask the produce people at Kroger about it (my momma got to handle this one).

Mostly, I just try to ride it out.  He usually moves on to something else in a few days.  But if I ever meet the potions dude, he and I will be having words.

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