Thursday, May 31, 2018

About last week...

When I said we barely made it through last week, I was only about half kidding and I was mainly talking about me.  I barely made it through last week.

I was supposed to get my second Botox treatment Monday morning.  I've written about my allergic reaction and the resulting months long headaches.  I'd say Botox was a huge success.  I had a headache a couple of days after treatment but then I had a 54 day streak of no headaches.  Woowhoo!!

I woke up Monday morning with a raging headache.  I was outside in East Texas all last weekend at Zac's baseball tournament so I figured it was allergies.  Unfortunately, my doctor was sick Monday so I didn't get treatment.  So last week (and this week) was back to near constant headaches.   Monday night was especially difficult at Sam's athletic banquet.  Two hours of applause made me hurt so badly I was almost sick to my stomach.

The rest of week I had commitments every night, my favorite being Jersey Boys! Going to bed early wasn't really an option so I slept in each morning.  My definition of sleeping in is getting up at 6:15 am to get ready for school.  Usually I get up at 4:30/4:45 to do my devotional and prayer time.  Then I clean the kitchen before laying back down until 6:15.  It's weird but it started when the boys were getting up to go work out early. I'd get up, see them off, do my thing and have time for a cat nap before they came home. 

I didn't realize how much I need that morning time with the LORD until I didn't do it.  I felt far from the Him.  I felt off.  Some of it was end of the year tiredness.  Some of it was the headache. But I really think that missing my devotional, prayer and praise (I listen to praise music while I clean the kitchen) had a far greater negative impact. 

Now that school's out, I'm working different hours for the month of June.  I decided to change my morning routine a bit, sleep in a little, don't take the cat nap, but keep my devotional/prayer/praise time.  Last week taught me two things:  botox really works for my headaches and I must stay connected to my quiet time with the LORD. 

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