Tuesday, May 29, 2018


My sweet momma turned 70 on Sunday.  Can you believe it? She does not look 70 and I don't think she acts 70.  Actually, I have very little concept of age so I don't know how actual 70 year old people act but she doesn't act like an old lady so I'll stick with my original statement. 

My sister and I tried our best to make her celebration last as long as possible.  We started on Wednesday...

Momma and I go to the Dallas Summer Musicals each month. There was an ad for Jersey Boys in the Playbill a couple of months ago.  I got the tickets and my sister planned dinner for us.  Wow, did she outdo herself! We ate at Dakota's in downtown Dallas.  The restaurant is underground and super fancy.  We ate early so we could make the show so it wasn't very crowded.  It was so delicious!

After dinner we headed over to the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  The show was awesome! We knew, and sang, most of the songs. I wasn't familiar with the story and it was extremely interesting.  Franky Valli is a good dude.  I'm not a fan of the venue.  We sat on a row that was 25 continuous seats.  We had to step over people and be stepped over to get in and out.  I'll stick with Fair Park.

On Saturday evening we had a party at our house.  Ryan was our grill master and served up yummy burgers.  My sister made delicious mini cherry cheesecakes, pico and queso. I order an awesome cake.

My momma is one of eight.  Four of her siblings were able to make the party.  I love my aunts and uncles and was so happy to have them in our home.  Our built in grill has been out of commission for a while.  Last fall we paid a dude a bunch of money to fix it.  He 'ordered' the parts and was never seen again. We did get our money back. Two of my uncles looked at it.  The last thing one of my uncles said when he left was "don't let him forget to call me so we can fix that grill".

My brother and his little kids came.  His older daughter and her family were there too - her son is a show stealer.  He told my uncle "I've got your eyes on you" while pointing his two little fingers from my uncle's eyes to his own eyes. My sister's daughter, my mini-me was there too.  We missed my two oldest nephews - for good reasons, they didn't just flake out.  One was in Arizona to be in a wedding. The other works for the rail road in San Antonio and usually has to work 7 days a week (yikes!).

We had a lot of people! A good mix of older and younger people and a bunch of kids.  At one point, a nerf gun war broke out in the living room.  It made my heart so happy! And it made my momma's heart happy.  She had such a huge smile on her face all night. 

I think it's what she wanted for her birthday. There's no way for us to make her day as special as her but we tried!

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