Tuesday, May 8, 2018


I've been struggling with something lately and maybe you can help me, sweet friends. 

What makes a person feel like they are more important than another?

I'm not talking about what makes your boss feel more important than you.  Or what makes the President more important than me.  Those I get. Those have to do with power and status and authority. 

I'm talking about when two people are "equal".  Equal is totally subjective, of course.  I mean equal as in similar statuses. 

When two people are on the same team, what makes one think that they are more important? Or in an office, why does one person think their project is more important that someone else's?  Why do we feel like some rules are more important than others, for that matter? 

It might go back to status and equality.  Maybe some people don't see themselves as equal to others on their team.  Perhaps they feel they warrant a higher status. 

I'm really bothered by this and it seems be becoming more prevalent (or maybe I'm just noticing it more). Also, it completely opposite of my 'why' of service.  I want to try to lift others and be a good team mate. 

No matter what, I can rest in the Word of the Lord...


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