Wednesday, May 2, 2018


As I wrote yesterday, I was able to attend the Orange Conference in Atlanta, Georgia last week.  I always learn a lot and take a lot of notes. Today, I want to share some of my favorite quotes.  But first, a story....

Two years ago, Laci and I thought we saw Perry Noble and we sent Kyle to get it signed.  Well, it turned out that it wasn't Perry Noble, it was Carey Nieuwhof.  Carey is so super gracious that he signed the book anyway.  And took a picture with Kyle.  The picture even made it into Carey's top 9 on Instagram. 

Last year, Laci and I took Carey someone else's book and asked him to sign in on purpose.  We explained it to Carey.  Again he was super gracious. 
This year we wanted to continue the tradition.  The problem is that we didn't get in gear until too late.  Friday at lunch.  Friday is the last day of the conference. Carey was already at the airport.  But I do appreciate him answering our tweets.  We tried to connect to Jon Acuff but he was gone as well.  So we headed down to the floor of the arena.  We found Reggie Joiner.  We explained the situation to Reggie.  I also let him know that we aren't crazy.  I'm not sure he believed us.  But he did sign the book.  Next year, we'll get started early. 

The theme of the conference was "We can do more together".  Many of the main stage speakers focused about building unity in the church. Here are my favorite quotes (as best as I can remember them...or wrote them down), I've tried to give the speaker credit.

  • Feel of failure is a fear that we don't deserve good things from our good God.  - Jon Acuff
  • The next generation will believe that Jesus is who He says He is when we start treating each other the way He taught us to treat each other. - Gerald Fadyomi
  • Unity is not uniformity. - Danielle Strickland
  • When you lead as a team with one voice what matters most matters more. - Reggie Joiner
  • Unity is mission critical - disunity disrupts the mission.  - Andy Stanley
  • Perfectionism is a poison that pretends to be a vitamin.  - Jon Acuff
  • Kids don't turn to organizations (in times of need) they turn to people.  - Josh Shipp
  • Our differences are a platform to show unconditional love. - Kristen Ivy
  • Jesus spoke truth after He's built a relational bridge strong enough to hold it. - Tom Shefchunas
  • You can't out-entertain the world.  Give them Jesus and live it. - Jen Hatmaker
  • Lord, we don't know what to do but my eyes are on you. - Louie Giglio

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