Thursday, October 25, 2018

Positive Dog

Yesterday I wrote about podcasts and mentioned Jon Gordon's Positive University podcast.  In the past year, I've read a couple of Jon's books - Energy Bus and Training Camp.  I just finished another one, Positive Dog.  

Several teachers at my school did a book study and twitter chat over it.  I really enjoyed it!

Gordon writes his books as parables.  He's always teaching you something but he's telling you a story at the same time.  His books are short but he makes you care about the characters in that short time.  Gordon includes research in his books to back up his assertions as well. 

Positive dog tells the story of two dogs in a shelter.  One is  very negative and didn't get a second look when families come to rescue dogs. The other is older and wiser and teaches the other dog the secrets to being more positive.  

I knew a lot of the things Gordon teaches in the book.  But I still feel like I gained new insights.  More than anything I was reminded of how important being positive is and how important it is to plan to be positive as well.  There's always a gap between knowing and doing.  Gordon always includes an action plan so you can implement what you've learned. 

What I really loved was our twitter chat.  I loved seeing our teachers come together to discuss the book. I loved reading their answers about how to stay positive. Some people were able to participate in real time and those conversations were fun. Others replied to the questions later and I loved the insight into some of my new co-workers.  

In our four chat sessions, I never left without a smile on my face and so proud of where I work! Special thanks to Paige Wester for organizing the book study and hosting the chats!

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Unknown said...

Love what you said about the book! I couldn’t have done it without your support and planning. It takes a village and I am blessed we are in it together.