Thursday, August 24, 2017


Sweet peas, we all know that our B-man gets on little kicks and usually hilarity ensues.

A couple of weeks ago, he got on a cereal kick.  He started watching cereal commercials on YouTube Kids.  He figured out how to cast them from his iPad to our living room TV so he could watch them on the big TV.  He spent the better part of a day doing this.

When we went to Oklahoma he wanted a box of cereal for the road and one once we got there.  I vetoed the "on the road" box because I did not want cereal all over my car.  He was thrilled to have cereal in Oklahoma.  I don't keep cereal at the house often, mostly during the summer.  During the school year, I make them have some kind of protein for breakfast.

Once we got home, the cereal kick continued.  He wanted to make cereal.  He experimented with several different things.  He wanted his cereal to be fruit flavored.  He tried lots of things and made many many messes.

Finally, I convinced him to make his original cereal recipe (one he'd made before from a YouTube video).  We added almond, orange and lemon extract to the sugar mixture that you mix with the oats.  It was pretty tasty.

We made this after I'd had a long day at work so I just left it out over night.  By the morning it was rock hard.  I decided to cut up some pats of butter, put them around the edges of the pan then warm it in the oven.  I told B my plan.

"I think that's a dumb idea that will never work but it's your time not mine."  Then he walked away.

It worked! This time I poured out the cereal onto parchment paper.  B walked through the kitchen about this time, "Ummm, I did not think that was going to work." And kept right on walking.

He also created a cereal box.  His cereal was called Tiger Stripes.  He thought the orange extract would make the cereal orange.  As you can see his box has a puzzle.  The other side is some kind of game with other cereal mascots.

B-man goes all out, every time!

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