Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Super Powers

Last week I wrote about B trying to cast a spell on himself to become a dog. After that B started researching how to get super powers.  He decided the Spider Man method was the way to go. He liked that Spider Man's DNA actually changed.

However, he wants to be a chameleon based super hero. He couldn't figure out how to get a radioactive chameleon to bite him a la Spider Man.  So, he decided that he should just find someone to infuse regular chameleon DNA with his DNA.  His great idea was for Cub's vet to infuse him.  He dictated this note to Ryan

He didn't want to limit the vet to chameleon so he drew 5 animals and asked the vet to put a check by the DNA he had handy.

Monday night at meet the teacher, he asked EVERYONE if super powers were allowed at school. I mean EVERYONE: both his teachers, his behavior specialist, the counselor, the assistant principal and the principal. He and the counselor agreed that he would need to contain his powers between the hours of 8-4.  He could use his powers at recess also.

He recruited a friend into the Legion of Lizards.  His friend will have geeko powers.  Some other friends are still thinking over his offer.  B asked me to take his friends to the vet for DNA.  I told him that's on their parents.

I haven't taken him to the vet to talk over the plan.  I feel like that needs a pre-discussion between me and the vet.  I wasn't sure how to handle his disappointment over the spell and I feel just as helpless on this one.  I don't want to dash his dreams or kill his creativity but how do I let him know that his plan is not going to work?  I have no idea but his ideas are awesome to think about in the meantime!    

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