Wednesday, August 2, 2017


"Let's go for a run."

"No, I don't think so"

"We'll walk then run for 30 second for 2 miles."

"OK, I'll go."

And that is how I ended up going on a beach walk/run with my friends Rachel and Kaycey Friday morning.  They are both much more fit than me.  I was way out of my league.

We walked a while then did a couple of 30 second intervals.  Kaycey was in charge our intervals.  On the 3rd interval, we seemed to be running longer than 30 seconds.  I was struggling but I didn't want to look completely out of shape and awful.  Thankfully, Rachel spoke up.
Kaycey had let us run longer than 30 seconds.  She was trying to push us.

We weren't having it. We went back to 30 second intervals.

I decided to try hard and stop complaining.  As we ran, I thought about how thankful I am for Kaycey.  She's a pusher.

She's not pushy.  She's a pusher.

She works hard to be better.  She inspires me to do better.

She is generous and loving.  She inspires me to be more generous and loving.

Everyone needs a pusher in their life.  Some one who helps them move forward. Someone who believes in them and encourages them.  How can you push someone today?

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