Wednesday, August 30, 2017


What do you when you don't understand something?

I'm really struggling with this right now.  I'm really the book of Isaiah.  It's so hard for me to understand.

I read a chapter.  Then I read it out loud.  Reading out loud really helped me understand Shakespeare.

Next, I read the footnotes in my Bible.  Sometimes these notes are commentary. Sometimes they're a language lesson.  Usually, I get a good understanding from these 3 steps.

Not with Isaiah.

I've added a new step for Isaiah.  Actually 2 steps.  First, I pray.  I ask God to reveal himself to me through the scripture.  I use the words of this song by MercyMe

I've also added The Message.  I read the same chapter in The Message.

The Message has really helped me understand Isaiah. I'm still struggling with the application to my own life.  Isaiah is a book of prophesy. provides some great background information that helps provide context.

So, what do you do when something is hard to understand?  How do you break it down? Tell us in the comments.

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