Thursday, August 3, 2017

Line in the Sand

Yesterday I wrote about my walk/run on the beach last Friday morning.  Besides the insight into my relationship with Kaycey, I had another insight during that walk/run.  I guess I should do it more often. I need it for weight control, stress relief and insights. Actually, I'm going to start next week. Mark my words!

As I'm huffing and puffing and looking at my feet, I notice a vertical line the entire width of the beach (it's a relatively narrow beach).  My first thought was that a momma drew that line after her kiddos wouldn't stop messing with each other. My imaginary momma drew the line and said "Do not cross this line! Stay on your own side! Be quiet! I'm trying to relax!"

That imaginary momma got me thinking about my line in the sand.  What are the thing or things I'm not willing to do? There are several moral and ethical things I wouldn't do.  I wouldn't get into that list.  What I started thinking about is my new job and the Breaking Busy book I read this summer.

I'm a little bit nervous about the scope of my new job.  I'm going to have a lot to do.  I'm way more excited about the possibilities of my new job than I'm nervous.

I've already had teachers email and text me to ask for help for the upcoming school year.  A few of them have said "I know you're going to be super busy but..."

That's my line in the sand - I do not want to be too busy to help my teachers.  I wouldn't be at everyone's drop everything beck and call but I will do what I can to help my teachers.  I want to help them understand that while my schedule is full, I still have time to help them.  It's my job to help them!

There will be bumps.  I'm moving some things off my plate that my teachers are used to me doing.  There will be a transition period while everyone learns what I'm doing and what others are doing now. I will have to be intentional about not taking on things outside the scope of my job.  I need to remember to stay in my own lane.

I will need to choose my words carefully.  I need to remember that all the things I have going on doesn't have a lot to do with the person in front of me.  The person in front of me needs my help and attention.  I owe it to them.

I will need to stay organized so I can pay attention to the person in front of me and not be worried about what else needs to be done.  I will have to be ok with things being undone when it's time to go home.  Helping my teachers must be more important than crossing things off my to do list.


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